mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Friday, February 5, 2010

TGIF!! and a pair of mittens

Thank goodness we've made it through another week.  I didn't get to torch as often as I wanted to, but all in all was fairly productive.

REDUCTIVE too...I lost 3 pounds.  And it wasn't even hard.  And I'm not starvin' or anything.  Riley is good for me, he gets me off my butt and outside which not only helps the backside of me, but also the topside--my brain.  Fresh air is good.  You know what else is good?  The new Flatbread crackers from Wheat Thins.  If you don't have some, get some.  I bought the Tuscan Herb variety and they rock.  Good protein and fiber too.  Lotta crunchy.  Big flavor- small footprint.  ;-)  Me likey.

BIG TIP for people who don't drink enough water: One of the best health tips you'll ever get is to drink more water.  The bad thing is that water is boring.  If you don't like the taste of your tap water I've found a natural way to make it much improved. One packet of Sun Crystals (these are 5 calorie packs of a blend of stevia and cane sugar- I can't stand artificial sweeteners) and one packet of True Lemon (this is crystallized real lemon juice...alternately you could use fresh lemon juice, but I like to carry these with me and it is easy).  What you end up with is a slightly sweet, mildly lemon tasting glass or bottle of water.  If you want it to be stronger, just add more packets of lemon and sun crystals until it is right, but I kinda like it to be just a hint of flavor.

Basically I'm just letting people know about Sun Crystals (which are awesome) and the True Lemon packets (which are awesome).  I started doing this because all the packets of drink mix I could find had artificial sweeteners in them. Not to mention, doing it this way is cheaper than buying Crystal Light or the other brands of drink powders and STILL has only 5 calories and is natural.  So, that's my long winded tip.

I finally took a picture of the mittens that I knitted for Faith (my eldest-12).  The problem was that everytime I was wanting to take a picture of them, she had them on and was off to school or somewhere.  We're having a mini heatwave today so she left them home.  They are very plain, but they are my first ever pair of mittens and I'm tickled with how they came out.  I figured out the thumb and everything!  These were knitted on 4 dpn's and were a cinch.  Made with Paton's classic merino in dark brown to match her coat.
I guess my next knitting hurdle would be turning the heel in a sock.  I've knitted socks before...but they were tube socks- no heel to turn cuz I was chicken.  Now that I have a couple of thumbs done, I'm feeling cocky and want to try a heel. LOL

Well, have a great weekend!