mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taxes are done, man.

WHEW.  Ya know...I'm a pretty particular record keeper, but even I hate tax time.

For those of you who dread it, I've been doing this a LONG time. Way longer than beads.  The easiest way I've discovered to keep track of this crap is with an envelope system.

At the beginning of each month I write the date on the front of a huge manilla envelope.  All through the month I slip receipts and odd pieces of paper into that envelope.  At the end of the month, I print out a paypal sales report, calculate my total shipping for the month.  Add up my fees and expenses and write it all on the outside of the envelope.  Last thing I slip into it is that month's utility bills (because I claim home office and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a 10 month old electricity bill), then I close it up and start the next month.

At the end of the year, I total up all the envelopes, print out a year end paypal report and hand it all over to my accountant.  Takes me about 2 hours at the end of the year to double check my totals, calculate my inventory (I do this by weight because there's no freakin' way I'm counting all those rods of glass.  I just weight it all and multiply it by $10 a pound) and  that's it.  What a relief.

It's gone off to the accountant now, I've done all I can do.  Either I'm doomed or I'm not, but it's done.  Good thing I have so many kids because I didn't pay quarterlies this year.  Praise kid deductions! LOL

For those who don't know about it- I have a super cheap tutorial as a Valentine gift in my etsy shop---the bleeding hearts.  You oughtta pick up a copy!  ;-)

I want a cuppa joe REALLY bad.  Why?  Because my husband broke the coffee pot (AGAIN).  So now, all I can think about is coffee.  I even have myself convinced that I can smell it occasionally.  I just know I'm gonna be in that McD's drive through gettin' a latte before the night is over.

How did he break the coffee pot (AGAIN) do you wonder?  Oh, well let me tell you.  It is very original, much improved over the last time when all he did was smack the pot up against the counter and smashed it.  No, this time he got creative.  He put on a pot of coffee, but left a pound of butter sitting on top of the coffeemaker.  The heat from the brewing coffee melted the butter which proceeded to drain and drip INTO the coffee machine, ultimately getting pumped through the system and forcing it all to a grinding halt.

Not to mention all the melted butter that ran across the counter and down the side of the cupboard.  Now all the coffee maker will do is gurgle and smell funny.

Who does this?  Who????