mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Today is Jellyfish Day!!!

Because of my studio arrangement right now it is easier for me to keep my supplies organized and on-hand if I focus on one bead type for each torch session.  If you've noticed I had a day of mushrooms, then fish, then hearts; today is jellyfish day.  Makes me think of Spongebob--"Let's go jellyfishin'!"

These aren't going to be normal jellyfish beads though.  I've got some awesome IDEAS (aka future failures and obstacles to get over) that if I can get them to work will be something brand new from me.  I really really hope they turn out and that I get at least a couple pieces I can show.

Speaking of showing off good work, check out this guy that I found this morning.  I've been googly-eyed over paperweights for almost 10 years now, but of all the thousands I've seen- these are my all time favorite.  Man do I wish I could do glass like him, Mr. Gordon Smith: (scroll down a bit for the picture gallery)

Well, I'm off to the torch.  Happy February!