mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Friday, February 28, 2014

International Flameworkers and Customers...I love ya!


I've been doing a lot of 'behind the scenes' internet work lately.  Mostly involves web traffic statistics like what countries link to my website the most, what geographic area is reading my blog, etc.

Not to say that I was surprised really, but I was happy to see how many people who visit my internet locations that are from lands far away.  I've always loved my international customers, but never realized how many international flameworkers check out my site and blog.  At least I'm assuming you are flameworkers.  I can't tell who you are or anything...just that there are a whole lot of Dutch people click tutorial links. :-)

So I've added a couple things to the blog that hopefully will make it more enjoyable for all of you!

First, I've installed Google Translate to this blog.  There is a little button over there in the right navigation menu.  Just click that and use the drop down menu to translate this blog into any language you want.

Second, I've enabled the Russian transliteration alphabet on this blog.  From what I understand, it will allow the special keyboard characters for the Russian language to correctly display on these pages.  Hopefully it works!  I tried it out and it looks Russian to me. LOL

I've posted this on my Facebook page before, but never shared it on my blog so I will now.  I keep a big world map on my office wall above the desk.  I pin the map wherever I have a customer that has purchased anything from me.  I love looking at that map and seeing all the places in the world that either have pieces of my glass or a fellow flameworker reading my tutorials.  Thank YOU to all of you!  I hope the translate button helps!

Have a great day!