mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Beads!

Been torching like a crazed glass maniac the last few weeks.  I just can't get enough.  I haven't felt this motivated since I very first started lampworking almost 7 years ago!  In the beginning I would see bead patterns all around me.  In fabrics, in the sky, on cars and billboards. I kept a little notebook in my pocket to jot down ideas.  I would fall asleep at night thinking about what I'd make the next day.  I would DREAM about making beads while I slept.  I would wake up with amibition to make those dreams real.

I'm back to carrying a notebook in my pocket and it feels GOOD.

All at once I have the solutions to all the glassy frustrations that plagued me last year.  I was looking for realism in my mushroom beads and they went from this:
To This:

Quite the leap, I think.

And it wasn't just the mushrooms- my jellyfish have improved as well, but it was a more subtle change.  More of a refinement actually.  I have my passion back and I hope it shows.  I feel like it does:
Thanks for checking in on my blog.  It is nice to have something to write about again.
Have a great week!