mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthdays and Marathons...well, half marathons. And a fairy dog.

Claire has done it. She turned 7 and had two parties to prove it.  She wanted this huge castle cake that cost $40 (that wasn't happening- I haven't been working) but I found the kit for sale online to make it myself for $18.  I made her a carousel cake for her actual birthday this past Friday, and I made her the castle cake for her family party today.  Here are pictures of my big girl and her cakes.

And here are two more pictures of just the cakes because I'm kinda happy with how they turned out. ;-)

Been a while since I had any new Riley pictures, so here is my oldest daughter, Faith, with Riley wearing a pair of Tinkerbell fairy wings.  As you can see...he was kinda diggin' it.  Silly dog. Don't mind the dead plant in the background- I forced tulips in that pot and haven't transplanted them outside yet.
Here is another Riley shot...he was working the camera at the birthday party. That's Jacob on the left and my hubby, Gary, under the dog.  Gary is the one running the half marathon this coming weekend.  That's 13 some odd miles.  We always joke that I only run if something big is chasing me...but even if a bear was chasing me I'd never make 13 miles.  I'd lay down on the ground around the 1/4 mile mark and just yell, 'Eat me!'
Thanks for checking in with me.  Was a good week, posting pictures is fun.
Kirk out.