mary lockwood lampwork beads

mary lockwood lampwork beads
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Jive Turkey

So I hear a huge crashing noise a few days ago.  Ice falling from the roof.  Super heavy, glad I wasn't standing there type of ice.  Happens all the time in January in the snow belt of northeastern Ohio.  No big deal, right? 


It totally SMASHOLA'ed my ventilation fan for my studio.  My 1200 cubic feet per minute ginormous roof ventilator fan that I depend on to keep my lungs safe is DEAD.  Talk about breaks. Stupid ice.  Now I'm going to have to fix that.

So what does a flame addict do when they can't flame?  They cook.  Or knit- but I wasn't in the mood for knitting I wanted to bring some heat.

Enter, One Jive Turkey.  He was on sale for 86 cents a pound and I plan on feeding my family for a week on his sleep-inducing protein and when his meat is gone I'll boil his carcass for stock.  Bwahahahaha. 

He smells yummy!  Tonight he will be paired up with a lovely combination of mashed gold potatoes and turnips, some beautifully long, thin green beans and a sourdough bread I made from a starter I invented.  I'll share the recipe for it later if it doesn't suck.  I should have made a pie.

Back on the glass front, I wanted to post a few quick pictures of beads made with the blue version of the faux silver glass thing.

As you can see, you can really vary the look of the reaction by what you put behind it.  If you put a pale transparent behind it the reaction appears subtle, but based with that dark black it really pops.  It just depends on what look you're after.

That's it from me today.